Thursday, March 28, 2013

For Sale: Kydex 5.56 Rifle Mag Carriers

Actual carriers available. PMAG for color ref.
ALL SOLD. E-mail for availability. I am clearing them out at $15.00 a pop so get 'em while the gettin's good.
Purchase Kydex Rifle Magazine Carriers here! UPDATE: Custom orders available. Please e-maill me at to order. Use product details from images below in your e-mail. I will send a PayPal invoice for payment, once paid, your mag carrier(s) will ship. You do not need to be a PayPal member to pay via the invoice I send, but it still allows you to pay with safety and with any payment method you like. Shipping is $5.00 regardless of what or how many you purchase.

Please visit these other posts for more details and documentation of the design process.
Custom Kydex On Sale Soon
Gen II Kydex Mag Carrier Final Prototype

Pricing and Features:
-$25.00 a piece + $5.00 flat shipping.
-Loops of your choice included. Add $5.00 if you would like more than one loop style. For instance, if you would like MOLLE loops and belt loops, add $5.00 for each additional set.
-These are the actual carriers available. There are 11 units up for sale at this time.
-All .060 thickness material.
-Phillips screw + slotted post, steel Chicago screws.
-1.5, 1.75 belt loops and MOLLE strips available.
-All loops made from .125 thickness material.
Specific Features:
-4.25 inches wide to fit precisely between 3 columns of webbing.
-Designed for common first line equipment such as battle/war belts using 3 rows of webbing.
-Correct retention for first line gear. Full, 30 round magazine cannot fall out when shaken upside down.
-Carrier/Pouch depth places hand in correct position for reload.
-Flat back design for low profile, snag free carry.
-Bullet rearward carry only.
-Naturally spaces magazines for speed and consistency needed in first line gear.
-Note slight design change. Holes for Chicago Screws (side holes) are not riveted. Rivets seem unnecessary when steel Chicago Screws will be used in the same holes and are are significantly stronger. This also allows user to clean the carrier more easily when needed. Customer feedback will dictate changes in this design and the following images are of already sold units that did include 5 riveted holes.

ATS War Belt and PMAG for color reference.
Excellent Chicago Screws included with your carrier.
Belt loops in 1.5 and 1.75 inches. Carry height adjustable.
Low profile, modular design for all user needs.
Natural spacing and equal retention for all magazine brands.

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