Thursday, August 7, 2014

For Sale: New Generation Rifle Mag Carriers for sale in FDE

FDE shades marked A, B, C for reference.
9/24/14 "B" are SOLD.
My latest batch of mag carriers is complete and they have a few design updates from the last generation. This time I cut the final carrier so that the magazine sits lower overall within the unit itself, while at the same time utilizing two rows of PALS rather than three for mounting. This sets the magazine lower on the body which makes grasping and drawing them a more natural motion, improving the economy of effort factor. My flat-back design still keeps them close to the body, but more importantly, relieves stress on the carrier itself from over-tightening or torquing during use. There are no corners standing away from your body or gear to snag or bend under weight. Angled corners provide comfort while belt mounted and after hours of wearing, they go virtually unnoticed, sitting, standing, and moving. As before, my rifle mag carriers are specifically designed for the Battle Belt or War Belt user. I have worked on a tight molding technique that makes my carriers fit exactly inside three columns of PALS webbing. With the lower mounting design and the flat back, these are ideally situated at the waist for their intended purpose - emergency reloads. They space your magazines to facilitate gross motor, reflexive retrieval and expose only the lower portion of the magazine that is needed for a successful reload. Chest rigs are an excellent way to carry ammunition, but the magazines at your waist are there for moments when seconds count. Enough magazine is exposed that you get a full hand "beer can grip", while enough is protected within the carrier that you do not over grip the mag. This prevents your hand from impeding a fully seated magazine as you bring it up to the rifle.

It is difficult to capture the colors perfectly and monitors will vary, but you can see there are three shades of FDE available in pairs. All of them are close and you will note that an FDE P-Mag, as well as an FDE Troy magazine are pictured to help with color. There are four of the "c" shade, two of the others, plus the digital desert camo set.

These mag carriers are $35 a piece and two of them fit perfectly into a flat rate $5.80 USPS mailing box so that will be the shipping charge for each pair. You have your choice of 1.5 inch or 1.75 inch injection belt loops, or Kydex PALS/MOLLE mounting strips. Fasteners are included as pictured. E-mail me to purchase.

fde, flat dark earth kydex, rifle mag carriers for sale
molle mounted kydex
When mounting to PALS move the rubber o-rings so that they are oriented this way. This creates a gap which accommodates the webbing - very simple and rock solid. In this image you will notice the strips are also digital Kydex. I use PVC cement to weld two strips of .80, creating a .160 thickness - thicker than the typical .125 belt loop Kydex. I believe this provides not just extra thickness, but flexibility as the cement does not cure to a brittle hard state. Kydex likes to flex, it does not like to bend.
mag carriers kydex ar-15 p-mag pouch holders
Large, generous loops accommodate any belt and allow for body curve.

Remarkably this is the "C" shade - lighting is everything. I believe (don't quote me) this is "Spring FDE" and I would call it a warmer brown than the FDE found on P-Mags. This image out in the bright sun makes it look lighter than it is I think.
The previous and new generation side-by-side. You can see how much lower the magazine sits as well as the carrier itself, moving them further from other gear and putting them in a natural position for retrieval. The Battle Belt itself puts some standoff from the body, but the flat design makes these ideal for a low profile rig.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Last of the .060 Rifle Mag Carriers

Update 8/8/14 ALL SOLD. Not sure why I had these two coyote carriers stashed away but I found a couple more and since they are .060 then let's put them down for the $15.00 sale and move em out. The one is kind of an oddball - you might be able to tell that the back is a little higher and it has eyelets in all 4 corners. I dunno what happened but it functions just fine and matches this other lone coyote carrier I had left. And I've got two more of the desert tan, and that's it. I'm working on some new concepts and I might do another batch run but they will be .080 material and $25.00 a piece. As always you pick your mounting system, 1.5 or 1.75 belt, or MOLLE strips if you want them. And since they are on sale I'm gonna make the MOLLE strips $5.00 for TWO sets if you buy two carriers, rather than $5.00 per set.

$15.00 per carrier, your choice of mounting system.
$5.00 to ship em
$5.00 more if you want MOLLE strips AND belt loops. Get some.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Glock 19 Kydex Update October 2013 Mini FAQ

Update 7/15/14 I am not taking orders for holsters at this time.
I've done several holsters now and had lots of various requests and questions that need to be addressed for future visitors. I started making the G19 holsters to fund my Kydex hobby really and allow me to experiment more. It is such a popular gun and I had enough requests that it seemed like a no-brainer, but at the same time kept me out of the "business" of making Kydex. There are so many guns with so many possible aftermarket mods that the whole idea to me seems overwhelming. Making a few holsters here and there is giving me a chance to see how complex the whole really thing is. What I am learning is that just this one gun can have holsters configured in a variety of ways and I can't imagine relearning all the tricks for 10 more models, or 20, or 30. But also, I like the idea of being able to make the holster to customer specifications so that I have more concentrated knowledge of this one gun.

Anyway, if you find yourself here at my page, just know that I make a few holsters on the side and at this point only for the Glock 19. Everyone I've worked with has asked about mag carriers and that just makes sense so I am working on getting a magazine to work from. Sometimes I have certain colors, sometimes I don't. I am probably not going to offer anymore of this MAS Gray after it is gone simply because I don't care much for the color. I would have preferred a more true gray because it would have looked good with Coyote. However I try to keep Coyote and black on hand all the time.

injection molded plastic belt loops
Next, I just got a handful of these injection molded belt loops. Kydex breaks when it bends and I have now used it enough to realize that it's not the best choice for belt loops, which is exactly why many pro shops (if not all of them) have moved away from Kydex loops. The standard loop style seems to hold up well but anything intricate that is folded over past 90 degrees is subject to a little too much stress. If they are not perfectly flush to the holster itself they'll give a little until they are and the screws will hold them in that position infinitely. Then you've got the guys who feel like everything that looks like a screw must be torqued to 100 foot pounds. It seems fine but what is happening is that the Kydex is constantly under that stress of being slightly tweaked into submission and where the holes are drilled, you'll get a failure. It's fine if Kydex is heated into any shape known to man and left that way, but it does not like to be bent while cool and rigid. In the end it's all plastic and it will all fail eventually, but I think these loops will go a little further and save me significant amounts of time. Also, I have always supplied rubber O rings with my loops. The concept here is two fold. One; it keeps the screws from backing out, and two; precludes the need to crank the screws down. Snug them up until the rubber bulges a little and you're good to go. Check them once in a while if it makes you feel better and a little blue threadlocker goes a long way.

So I think that's it. Just a little clarifying of what goes on here. I am still doing AR mag carriers and I still have a bunch already made in .060. Matter of fact, the first person who leaves a post will get as many as you like (I have 8 or 10 made up right now) for half price. Just say the word.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

For Sale: Glock 19 Holsters Made to Order

OWB Kydex Holster for Glock 19
Update 7/15/14 I am not taking holster orders at this time. I am focusing on rifle mag carriers and have many new versions coming soon.
Because of the popularity of the Glock 19 and requests to make holsters, I have decided to offer them made to order. I've got Black, MAS Grey (looks dark grey/brown) and Coyote available. These will be $50.00 + $5.00 shipping.
-Consistent body curve created in press.
-.080 thickness material. .060 available for lightest weight possible.
-.125 thickness belt loops.
-Can be made MOLLE ready.
-Functional with all Generations of G19. This needs clarification. I have both a gen 2 and 3 mold and you may notice I enlarge the mag release area for the gen 4. The gen 2 works but I have found that the slide is slightly shorter (there is also rail space for the 3s and 4s) and therefore it is a bit loose. I've had to do some learning the hard way on these but if you have a gen 2 let me know - I might have a good deal for you.
-Customer configurable as follows:
-Sweat guard height.
-Ride height.
-Left or Right hand.

Specific angles cut for natural body movement.

Smooth consistent body curve.

Color options now include MAS Grey (sheath and the sheet material everything is sitting on) and Coyote. Experimenting with color matching belt loops, screws and rivets.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

For Sale: Kydex 5.56 Rifle Mag Carriers

Actual carriers available. PMAG for color ref.
ALL SOLD. E-mail for availability. I am clearing them out at $15.00 a pop so get 'em while the gettin's good.
Purchase Kydex Rifle Magazine Carriers here! UPDATE: Custom orders available. Please e-maill me at to order. Use product details from images below in your e-mail. I will send a PayPal invoice for payment, once paid, your mag carrier(s) will ship. You do not need to be a PayPal member to pay via the invoice I send, but it still allows you to pay with safety and with any payment method you like. Shipping is $5.00 regardless of what or how many you purchase.

Please visit these other posts for more details and documentation of the design process.
Custom Kydex On Sale Soon
Gen II Kydex Mag Carrier Final Prototype

Pricing and Features:
-$25.00 a piece + $5.00 flat shipping.
-Loops of your choice included. Add $5.00 if you would like more than one loop style. For instance, if you would like MOLLE loops and belt loops, add $5.00 for each additional set.
-These are the actual carriers available. There are 11 units up for sale at this time.
-All .060 thickness material.
-Phillips screw + slotted post, steel Chicago screws.
-1.5, 1.75 belt loops and MOLLE strips available.
-All loops made from .125 thickness material.
Specific Features:
-4.25 inches wide to fit precisely between 3 columns of webbing.
-Designed for common first line equipment such as battle/war belts using 3 rows of webbing.
-Correct retention for first line gear. Full, 30 round magazine cannot fall out when shaken upside down.
-Carrier/Pouch depth places hand in correct position for reload.
-Flat back design for low profile, snag free carry.
-Bullet rearward carry only.
-Naturally spaces magazines for speed and consistency needed in first line gear.
-Note slight design change. Holes for Chicago Screws (side holes) are not riveted. Rivets seem unnecessary when steel Chicago Screws will be used in the same holes and are are significantly stronger. This also allows user to clean the carrier more easily when needed. Customer feedback will dictate changes in this design and the following images are of already sold units that did include 5 riveted holes.

ATS War Belt and PMAG for color reference.
Excellent Chicago Screws included with your carrier.
Belt loops in 1.5 and 1.75 inches. Carry height adjustable.
Low profile, modular design for all user needs.
Natural spacing and equal retention for all magazine brands.