Monday, May 5, 2014

Last of the .060 Rifle Mag Carriers

Update 8/8/14 ALL SOLD. Not sure why I had these two coyote carriers stashed away but I found a couple more and since they are .060 then let's put them down for the $15.00 sale and move em out. The one is kind of an oddball - you might be able to tell that the back is a little higher and it has eyelets in all 4 corners. I dunno what happened but it functions just fine and matches this other lone coyote carrier I had left. And I've got two more of the desert tan, and that's it. I'm working on some new concepts and I might do another batch run but they will be .080 material and $25.00 a piece. As always you pick your mounting system, 1.5 or 1.75 belt, or MOLLE strips if you want them. And since they are on sale I'm gonna make the MOLLE strips $5.00 for TWO sets if you buy two carriers, rather than $5.00 per set.

$15.00 per carrier, your choice of mounting system.
$5.00 to ship em
$5.00 more if you want MOLLE strips AND belt loops. Get some.

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