Thursday, August 7, 2014

For Sale: New Generation Rifle Mag Carriers for sale in FDE

FDE shades marked A, B, C for reference.
9/24/14 "B" are SOLD.
My latest batch of mag carriers is complete and they have a few design updates from the last generation. This time I cut the final carrier so that the magazine sits lower overall within the unit itself, while at the same time utilizing two rows of PALS rather than three for mounting. This sets the magazine lower on the body which makes grasping and drawing them a more natural motion, improving the economy of effort factor. My flat-back design still keeps them close to the body, but more importantly, relieves stress on the carrier itself from over-tightening or torquing during use. There are no corners standing away from your body or gear to snag or bend under weight. Angled corners provide comfort while belt mounted and after hours of wearing, they go virtually unnoticed, sitting, standing, and moving. As before, my rifle mag carriers are specifically designed for the Battle Belt or War Belt user. I have worked on a tight molding technique that makes my carriers fit exactly inside three columns of PALS webbing. With the lower mounting design and the flat back, these are ideally situated at the waist for their intended purpose - emergency reloads. They space your magazines to facilitate gross motor, reflexive retrieval and expose only the lower portion of the magazine that is needed for a successful reload. Chest rigs are an excellent way to carry ammunition, but the magazines at your waist are there for moments when seconds count. Enough magazine is exposed that you get a full hand "beer can grip", while enough is protected within the carrier that you do not over grip the mag. This prevents your hand from impeding a fully seated magazine as you bring it up to the rifle.

It is difficult to capture the colors perfectly and monitors will vary, but you can see there are three shades of FDE available in pairs. All of them are close and you will note that an FDE P-Mag, as well as an FDE Troy magazine are pictured to help with color. There are four of the "c" shade, two of the others, plus the digital desert camo set.

These mag carriers are $35 a piece and two of them fit perfectly into a flat rate $5.80 USPS mailing box so that will be the shipping charge for each pair. You have your choice of 1.5 inch or 1.75 inch injection belt loops, or Kydex PALS/MOLLE mounting strips. Fasteners are included as pictured. E-mail me to purchase.

fde, flat dark earth kydex, rifle mag carriers for sale
molle mounted kydex
When mounting to PALS move the rubber o-rings so that they are oriented this way. This creates a gap which accommodates the webbing - very simple and rock solid. In this image you will notice the strips are also digital Kydex. I use PVC cement to weld two strips of .80, creating a .160 thickness - thicker than the typical .125 belt loop Kydex. I believe this provides not just extra thickness, but flexibility as the cement does not cure to a brittle hard state. Kydex likes to flex, it does not like to bend.
mag carriers kydex ar-15 p-mag pouch holders
Large, generous loops accommodate any belt and allow for body curve.

Remarkably this is the "C" shade - lighting is everything. I believe (don't quote me) this is "Spring FDE" and I would call it a warmer brown than the FDE found on P-Mags. This image out in the bright sun makes it look lighter than it is I think.
The previous and new generation side-by-side. You can see how much lower the magazine sits as well as the carrier itself, moving them further from other gear and putting them in a natural position for retrieval. The Battle Belt itself puts some standoff from the body, but the flat design makes these ideal for a low profile rig.

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